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Residential or Commercial

Dan Kis, a third generation Mason, started Kis Construction in 1997, and was first rooted in the high end residential market;  offering it's clients the very best quality work, and taking a personal interest in each and every job.  From there, Kis Construction grew, and opened a Commercial division in the year 2000.

We are of course, Insured and Bondable, and experienced in all major stucco systems on the market.  Our services today include:

1) Stucco (Any System)

2) Natural Stone 

3) Natural Veneer Stone

4) Faux Veneer Stone

5) Natural Limestone 

6) StructuralPrecast Stone

7) Light Weight Precast

7) Veneer Plaster Finishes

8) Various Tabby Finishes

9) Crown Moldings

Other Services:

1) Design

2) Shop Drawings

3) Consulting

4) Custom Sculptures 

5) Specialty Stone Imports

We are a volume buyer, and we deal direct with, Stone Quarries, and other Stone and Precast manufacturers, in order to provide wholesale pricing, and expedite the turn around on all material orders.



Light Weight Precast

Structural Precast


Natural Stone/Veneer

Custom Imported Stone

Custom Stucco Finish



Commercial or Residential, we take a hands on approach to every job, with the end user in mind.  Our employees are taught that "the buck stops here", and that responsibilities are not passed down to others, but we are instead the resolution to every obstacle; and each problem faced will be dealt with, to ensure a beautiful, sound, and efficiently built product.  We know that we are only as good as our last job, and we take pride in what we do.  




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